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Title: Fort Stanton, Washington, D.C., 13 February 2005

Fort Stanton, Washington, D.C., U.S.A

On 13 February 2005, the Washington, D.C., Chapter of the Maryland Native Plants Society visited Fort Davis Park (named after a Civil War fort) and part of the group visited some of the earthen works of Fort Stanton (of the Civil War), in Washington, D.C. It was warm, still February day about 50 degrees F, bright overcast and sunny depending on the time.

We found a National Park Service interpretive sign regarding the Fort Stanton near Our Lady of Perpetual Help (16th Street, SE and Morris Road). The sign is in a mowed area of about 200 x 200 feet, and the remains of the earthen works of the Fort were to the north in the forest. From the mowed area, we had a wonderful view of the area which included the Anacostia River, Jefferson Monument, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Monument, National Cathedral, Pentagon, Potomac River, and Washington Monument. This was the first time that I viewed of Washington, D.C., from the southeast. Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion, Asteraceae, alien species) flowered in the lawn. This species flowers during every month of the year in the Washington, D.C., Area, but not necessarily every month in the same year.

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Figures1–2 The sign about Fort Stanton.

Figure 3. The forest with remnants of the Fort.

Figures 4–5 A dugout area of the Fort.

Figure 6. A dugout area of the Fort.

Figure 7. A view of Washington, D.C., from the Fort area, showing the Washington Monument and other landmarks.

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