Anthophyta: Dicotyledonae: Rosales: Droseraceae: Drosera spp. [return to Home Page]

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Scientific name: Anthophyta: Dicotyledonae: Rosales: Droseraceae: Drosera spp.
Common Name: sundews

Country: USA
State/District: NJ
County: Burlington
Date: 30 March 2001

Photographer: E. M. Barrows

Identifier: E. M. Barrows
Collector: not applicable
Location: Lebanon State Forest
Keywords: A carnivorous plant Dewthread forb Forest Ecology Lebanon State Forest Pine Barrens pink flower sundew
Additional Information:  

Figures 1-3.  Drosera filiformis (Dewthread, a kind of sundew) white reddish elongate leaves by Parkin Pond.

Figure 4.  Drosera intermedia (Spatulate-leaved Sundew) by Parkin Pond.

Figure 5.  Drosera rotundifolia (Round-leaved Sundew) by Parkin Pond.

     Sundews are insectivorous plants.   Drosera filiformis is native to southeastern Massachusetts and southern New Jersey through Florida (Fernald 1950, 730–731).   Drosera intermedia is native to Newfoundland and Ontario south through Florida and eastern Texas.   Drosera rotundifolia is native to Greenland, Labrador, and Alaska south through Florida and Alabama.

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Fernald, M. L.   1950.   Gray's Manual of Botany.   Eighth Edition.   American Book Company, New York, NY.   1632 pp.

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