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Scientific name: Chordata: Amphibia: Anura: Bufonidae: Bufo americanus
Common Name: American Toad

Country: USA
State/District: DC
County: n/a
Date (D-M-Y): 4 - 2001

Photographer: D. S. Kjar

Identifier: D. S. Kjar
Collector: not applicable
Location: Georgetown University Observatory Hill

Georgetown University

Keywords: A Amphibia American Toad eggs Forest Ecology tadpole GU
Additional Information:   These tadpoles emerged from the eggs laid during the evening of April 4, 2001, in the artificial ponds next to the Observatory at Georgetown University.

Figure 1.   The tadpoles 14 days after their toad mothers laid the eggs from which they developed.
Figure 2.   Ditto.
Figure 3.   These children were watching the tadpoles in the ponds on April 27th.   This demonstrates another wonderful reason for preservation of amphibians.
Figure 4.   A movie of the tadpoles on April 27th.

D. S. K.

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