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Scientific name: Arthropoda: Insecta: Odonata: :
Common Name: Odonates of Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve

Country: USA
State/District: VA
County: Fairfax
Date (D-M-Y): 7 - 12 - 2002


Location: Washington, D.C., Area Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve

Keywords: A damselfly dragonfly list Odonata odonate Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve DMWP Odonata
Additional Information:

Order Odonata, Damselflies and Dragonflies (December 2002)

There are about 4,870 odonate species worldwide.  Orr (2001) lists 167 odonate species for Maryland and Washington, D.C.  Dunkle (1989) lists 86 dragonfly species for Florida.

There is no formal list of odonates for Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve (DMWP) yet.

A tentative list (which needs updating from Richard Orr’s data, ) is below.  Based on distribution descriptions in Dunkle (1989) and Dunkle (1990) and P. J. Dunn’s 1998 records for Huntley Meadows Park (Fairfax County, Virginia), about 75 odonate species might occur in Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve (DMWP).

I indicate Dunn’s records of Huntley Meadows Park with: (HMP). He lists 27 species for this Park which is about 5 miles SSW of DMWP.   I indicate species that I have seen in DMWP with "(DMWP)."

Ode News (link below) has many excellent photographs of odonates that occur in the Washington, D.C., Area. Some original odonate images are on this Website (BDWA).

Tentative List for DMWP

Suborder Anisoptera, Dragonflies

Family Aeshnidae, Darners

Anax junius Drury 1770, Common Green Darner (HMP)
Anax longipes Hagen 1861, Comet Darner
Boyeria grafinana, Ocellated Darner
Boyeria vinosa Say 1839, Fawn Darner
Coryphaeschna ingens Rambur 1842, Regal Darner
Epiaeschna heros Faricius 1798, Swamp Darner (HMP)
Gomphaeschna furcillata Say 1839, Harlequin Darner
Gomphaeschna antilope Hagen 1874, Taper-tailed Darner
Nasiaeschna pentacantha Rambur 1842, Cyrano Darner

Family Cordulegastridae, Biddies

Family Cordullidae, Green-eyed Skimmers

Epitheca princeps (Hagen) Somatochlora sp.

Family Gomphidae, Clubtails

Hagenius brevistylus, Dragonhunter
Stylurus plagiatus, Russet-tipped Clubtail
Dromogomphus spinosus, Black-shouldered Spinyleg
Progomphus obscurus, Common Sanddragon
Aphylla williamsoni, Two-striped Forceptail
Cordulegaster maculata, Twin-spotted Spiketail
Cordulegaster obliqua, Arrowhead Spiketail
Didymops transversa, Stream Cruiser
Macromia georgina, Georgia River Cruiser
Macromia taeniolata, Royal River Cruiser
Epitheca princeps, Prince Baskettail
Epitheca cynosura, Common Baskettail
Somatochlora linearis, Mocha Emerald (HMP)
Somatocholora filosa, Fine-lined Emerald
Neurocordulia virginiensis, Cinnamon Shadowfly
Neurocordulia obsoleta, Umber Shadowfly

Family Libellulidae, Common Skimmers

Brachymesia gravida, Four-spotted Pennant
Celithemis eponina, Halloween Pennant
Celithemis fasciata, Banded Pennant
Celithemis elisa, Calico Pennant
Celithemis ornata, Faded Pennant
Celithemis verna, Double-ringed Pennant
Erythemis simplicicollis (Say), Eastern Pondhawk (= Green-jacket Skimmer) (HMP)
Erythrodiplax umbrata, Band-winged Dragonlet
Erythrodiplax connata minuscula, Blue Dragonlet
Erythrodiplax berenice, Seaside Dragonlet (inhabits saltwater)
Libellula axilena, Bar-winged Skimmer (HMP)
Libellula auripennis, Golden-winged Skimmer (HMP)
Libellula cyanea, Spangled Skimmer (HMP)
Libellula deplanata, Blue Corporal (HMP)
Libellula exusta deplanata, Corporal Skimmer (DMWP)
Libellula incesta, Slaty Skimmer (HMP)
Libellula luctuosa, Widow Skimmer (HMP)
Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail (= White-tailed Skimmer) (DMWP, HMP)
Libellula needhami, Needham's Skimmer (HMP)
Libellula pulchella Drury, Tenspot Skimmer, Twelve-spotted Skimmer (HMP)
Libellula semifasciata, Painted Skimmer (HMP)
Libellula vibrans, Great Blue Skimmer (HMP)
Pachydiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher (= Blue-Pirate) (HMP)
Pantala flavescens, Wandering Glider (the only dragonfly found around the world)
Pantala hymenaea, Spot-winged Glider (HMP)
Perithemis tenera, Eastern Amberwing (= Amber-winged Skimmer) (DMWP, HMP)
Sympetrum ambiguum, Blue-faced Meadowfly (HMP)
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowfly
Sympetrum vicinum, Yellow-legged Meadowhawk (HMP)
Tramea lacerata, Black-mantled Glider, Black Saddlebags (HMP)
Tramea carolina, Violet-masked Glider, Carolina Saddlebags (HMP)
Tramea onusta, Red-mantled Glider

Suborder Zygoptera, Damselflies

Family Calopterygidae, Broad-winged Damselflies

Calopteryx (= Agrion)
Calopteryx maculata (Beauvois), Ebony Jewelwing (HMP)
Hetaeria americana (Fabricius), America Rubyspot

Family Coenagrionidae, Narrow-winged Damselflies

Amphiagrion saucium (Burmeister)
Argia fumipennis (Burmeister)
Argia tibialis, Blue-tipped Dancer (HMP)
Enallagma civile, Familiar Bluet (HMP)
Enallagma geminatum, Skimming Bluet (HMP)
Enallagma signatum, Orange Bluet (HMP)
Ischnura posita, Fragile Forktail
Ischnura verticalis (Say), Common Forktail
Nehalennia sp.

Family Lestidae, Spread-wing Damseflies

Lestes retangularis, Slender Spreadwing (HMP)
Lestes vigilax, Swamp Spreadwing (HMP)

E. M. B.


Dunkle, S. W. 1989. Dragonflies of the Florida Peninsula, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. Scientific Publishers, Gainesville, FL. 154 pp.

Dunkle, S. W. 1990. Damselflies of Florida, Bermuda and the Bahamas. Scientific Publishers, Gainesville, FL. 148 pp.

Orr, R. 2001. Odonata of Maryland & Washington D.C. Internet file. (19 July 2002)

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