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Scientific name: Chordata: Amphibia: Urdodela: :
Common Name: salamander

Country: USA
State/District: MD
County: Calvert
Date (D-M-Y): 7 - 4 - 2001

Photographer: E. M. Barrows

Identifier: Mitzi Poole
Collector: Mitzi Poole
Location: Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary

Keywords: A Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary egg Forest Ecology salamander
Additional Information:
Figure 1.  Mitzi Poole, Bob Jones, and Hiroshi Yasu examine pond life including salamander eggs.
Figure 2.  Ditto.
Figure 3.  Salamander eggs, possibly those of the Tiger Salamander.
Figure 4.  Ditto.

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