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Scientific name: : ?: Aphyllophorales: Polyporaceae: Phellinus rimosus
Common Name: Cracked-cap Polypore

Country: USA
State/District: MD
County: Montgomery
Date (D-M-Y): 20 - 3 - 2001

Photographer: E. M. Barrows

Identifier: E. M. Barrows
Collector: E. M. Barrows
Location: Bethesda, Maryland
Keywords: A Cracked-cap Polypore fungi fungus Garden-1
Additional Information:

Figure 1.   This specimen appeared in March 1999, and took about 2 years to grow to the size shown here in this photograph of 20 March 2001.   The specimens on this page are growing on logs of Black Locust cut in July 1998.   Another name for this species is Fomes rimosus (Lincoff 1981, page 476, plate 533).

Figure 2.   The same specimen.

Figure 3.   This specimen was about 6 months old on 20 March 2001.

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