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Title: Cranberry Lake Preserve, New York, 7 October 2004

Habitats of the 165-acre Cranberry Lake Preserve, NY, include an abandoned quarry and sandy beach, marsh, forest, lakes, swamp, and vernal ponds. Biota of the Preserve includes about 148 bird species, 30 butterfly species, 54 damselfly and dragonfly species, 123 fungus species, 395 plant species, and hundreds of species in other taxa (based on Cranberry Lake Information Bulletins). I visited Cranberry Lake Preserve, NY, in early May 2003 and on 7 and 14 October in 2004. In May, many plants were starting to unfurl their leaves, bloom, or both. In October, some plants were flowering, many were fruiting, and many had senescing leaves. Some of the biota and other things that I saw in the Preserve on 7 October 2004 are illustrated below.

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Figure 1. Cranberry Lake.

Figure 2. Nymphaea odorata (White Water-lily) (Nymphaeaceae) in Cranberry Lake.

Figure 3. Medeola virginiana (Indian Cucumber Root) (Liliaceae).

Figure 4. Fern.

Figure 5. Aster sp. (wild aster) (Asteraceae) and a fern.

Figure 6. Aster sp. (wild aster) (Asteraceae) and a fern.

Figure 7. A fungus, probably rotting Trametes versicolor (Turkey-tail Fungus) (Polyporaceae).

Figure 8. Aster sp. (wild aster) (Asteraceae).

Figures 9–10. Chimaphila maculata (Spotted Wintergreen) (Ericaceae).

Figure 11. Polygonum virginianum (Jumpseed) (Polygonaceae).

Figure 12. Solidago caesia (Blue-stem Goldenrod) (Asteraceae).

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