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Scientific name: Arthropoda: Arachnida: Acari: :
Common Name: tick

Country: USA
State/District: VA
County: Fairfax
Date (D-M-Y): 25 - 6 - 2003

Photographer: J. J. Cravens

Identifier: J. J. Cravens
Collector: Maya Patel
Location: Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve

Keywords: A DMWP Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve tick
Additional Information:

  This tick bit me on the shoulder while setting pitfall traps in the Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve. It was then placed in a vial of alcohol where it received a swift, and presumably pleasurable, death.

      Ticks can transmit Lyme Disease and other diseases.

Please click here to go to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information on Lyme Disease.

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