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Scientific name: Anthophyta: Dicotyledonae: Ericales: Ericaceae: Rhododendron PJM
Common Name: rhododendron

Country: USA
State/District: NY
Date (D-M-Y): 5 - 2003

Photographer: E. M. Barrows

Identifier: Donald
Collector: not applicable
Location: New York
Keywords: A bush Donald’s Garden pink flower shrub tree violet flower
Additional Information:

Donald specializes in growing members of the Ericaceae (Heath Family) in New York, especially Heathers (narrowly defined as Calluna and broadly defined as Andromeda, Calluna, Daboecia, and Erica).

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The flowers of this rhododendron are light magenta-rose, as in the last figure, not the first two figures.   My digital camera registered the flowers in the first two figures as light violet in the morning light when I took the images.   This rhododendron tree is about 15 feet tall and trimmed into this beautiful shape by White-tailed Deer.

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