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Title: Information Sheet, Composting


      A large amount of garbage in Nova Scotia, Canada, is yard and plant cooking wastes (Life on Earth, NPR, 17 August 2002).   This Province passed a law that people must compost this material instead of sending it to dumps.   Many people are following this new law, for the benefit of our environment.   In dumps, such waste combined with other waste material forms a toxic leachate that flows into ground water, polluting this precious water.   Further such waste decomposes into much methane, a greenhouse gas, that contributes to global warming.   Composting, involving turning over the material on a regular basis, does not produce the leachate or as much methane per unit weight of material.   Clean compost is an excellent additive to garden soil.   By composting, a person can make a difference and make our Earth better for all.

E.M.B. (2002 08 17)

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