Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve (DMWP)

This page contains links to information about DMWP, part of the U.S. national park called George Washington Memorial Parkway, which is in Virginia near Washington, D.C.

With the support of Friends of Dyke Marsh, the National Park Service, and others, Dan Kjar and Edd Barrows produced Arthropods of Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve, Virginia: A Searchable Online Database (ADMWPD).    It is an ongoing project.   

To access scores of web pages on DMWP, type “DMWP” in the window on home page of this Website and click.

Many ant workers created a Key to the Ants of Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve (credits).    This is part of a larger project to produce an online key to all of the North American ants.   

Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve: Alien Organisms
Experimental Methods
Friends of Dyke Marsh
Geographical Features
Information Sheet

(Some links are under construction. 11 April 2006, updated 22 May 2008. E.M.B.)

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